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Friday, 27 May 2011
Hungary's most unusual park opened in Jakabszállás, Bács-Kiskun County - a 50-minute drive from Budapest - on May 10.

Magyarkert ("Hungary Garden") sits on a plot of land shaped like Hungary that totals 93,000 square meters, exactly one millionth of the territory of the country. It is Europe's largest horticultural park - home to 3,200 plants - and a precise model of Hungary complete with rivers and a Balaton-shaped small lake.

kis-kunsag.hu, allatvilagunk.weboldala.net

A Balaton-shaped small lake was also built to create a precise model of the country.

The park's developers aim to make it more than a garden. They hope it can become a meeting place for artists and an adventure park. As it is located next to a sports airport, it can also be viewed from above.

Construction of the park started in 2009 following two years of planning.


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