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Flamed-Out Tűzraktér Gets Watery Rebirth as "Vízraktér" PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 September 2011
Vízraktér, the successor of Budapest's former Tűzraktér cultural center - which was forced to close in spring over a dispute with the District VI government - opened last Saturday at Buda's Király Baths, where it hopes to finally find a permanent home there. At the launch of the new venue, representatives of Vízraktér operator Art Sector Foundation and Budapest baths operator Budapest Gyógyfürdői és Hévizei Zrt both vowed that the saga of Tűzraktér would not be repeated. And what a saga it's been!

tuzrakter5.jpgTűzraktér has a long history, having been opened under the name Tűzraktár (right) in a factory complex on District IX's Tűzoltó utca in 2005. The bar / cultural venue quickly became popular but was marred by a disagreement between its business-minded owners and the artists who organized events there. The place changed its name to Tűzraktér in 2006, then moved to a new location on District VI's Hegedű utca the following year. It operated in a local government-owned building until the spring of this year when it was forced to close by the municipality over unpaid bills.

Programs at the new location have already begun, and preparations are underway for making the inner yard of the historic baths suitable for holding events in winter. In the yard, a circus tent has been erected for theater performances.

 - fotó: Nagy Attila

Operators said the programs at Király Baths will be somewhat "more modest" than those at the former Tűzraktér, due to the different qualities of the venue, and because bathers wishing to relax should not be disturbed. This means mostly theater, circus, musical and film programs will be on the schedule. Vízraktér will not be a pub or try to be competitor of the popular Cinetrip baths party series, they added. Which, given all the conflicts and drama they've suffered over the years, sounds like a good idea.
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