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Friday, 23 September 2011

"Who doesn't dream of suddenly becoming rich? In Shibahama, the Tokyo theater collective faifai tells the tragicomic story of Kuma, a drinker and good for nothing who does just that. Shibahama is one of the most popular stories in Rakugo, a popular traditional form of storytelling in Japan. In their performance of the same name, faifai brings the classic story up to date with sarcasm and humor, and with the help of each day's guest performer from Budapest, turning it into a trendy, hedonistic spectacle.

As in My name is I LOVE YOU, with which faifai performed in Budapest in 2009, the border between performance and party is broken down in Shibahama. The collective exploits this groundbreaking method to lightly place its finger on the wounds of human existence and to analyze the secret vices and yearnings which connect life today with historical Japan.

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'Shibahama', Merlin Theatre Budapest, 23 September

Shibahama is a story of a drunkard fishmonger called Kuma, who never goes to work. One day, he finds a wallet on the seashore with a fortune in it. He goes home filled with joy and sets a feast together with his wife, then he falls asleep. The next morning, his wife tells him that he only dreamed about finding money and all they have is the debt taken for the previous night's party.

At first he wants to die, but giving in to his wife's pressure, he decides to quit drinking and becomes a hard working man. 3 years later on New Year's Eve his wife admits that the money was real and she took it to the police frightened by the large sum, but as the original owner was not found, she received the money back. Kuma gets angry at first, but he soon realizes that he must be grateful for his wife, and the two of them decide to celebrate with a glass of wine. But as the man lifts the glass, he says: Stop! Or it will all become a dream again."

Founded in 2004, Tokyo based faifai consists of 10 core members, but frequently collaborates with a wider range of artists. Rather than merely producing theatre and dance performances, they aim to create enjoyable events that unite the audience in a common experience and atmosphere. Their euphoric work dealing with the complexity of today's society represents the resilience of the city and the people living in it. Faifai has recently attracted international attention and have been invited to perform at various events overseas. Winners of the ZKB Patronage Prize in 2010!

"We take issues of everyday life and society, and interpret them in our own way. We come from a generation who likes the fantasy of drama, the reality of art, movies, TV, gossip, pop music, animation, gothloli and 109 fashion. For this generation freedom is the meaning of life, and doing what we want is the most important in the works of faifai.
We dance and play in Tokyo, a megapolis full of office workers, crows and vomit, with the motto „Think globally, act locally". And we think that the most important thing is to meet the person whom we want to meet and to make work together. Also, we hope to make friends with people from different countries!" (faifai)

"Faifai's SHIBAHAMA is coming to you from Tokyo! Based on a classical rakugo (traditional Japanese performing art) story, Shibahama portrays the essence of human nature that doesn't change over time. We will show you SHIBAHAMA as party or theatre or rakugo. Everyone come and join us and enjoy our SHIBAHAMA! We love all creatures tall and small! Hugs and kisses!" (faifai)

Supported by: Japan Foundation, Saison Foundation, Asahi Beer Foundation
In cooperation with Ritsumeikan University and Kitchen Budapest

Tickets: 2 000 HUF, students: 1 500 HUF
Tickets are available at Merlin Theatre (V. Budapest, Gerlóczy utca 4.)

Reservation in e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it "

Source: Merlin Theatre
Address: 1052 Budapest, Gerlóczy street 4.
(close to Deák Square)
Phone: +36.1.317.9338, +36.1.318.9844

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