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“Peaceful” Donkeys Rip Man off Motorbike, To Pieces PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 16 May 2013

The normally bucolic Vas County village of Magyarszecsőd (Pop: 437) was the scene of bloodcurdling horror on Monday when a pair of donkeys pulled a pensioner off his motorcycle and then tore him to pieces.

According to a comprehensive report on the tragedy in tabloid Bors, 65-year-old retired firefighter Sándor Horváth (inset) was driving by when he was attacked. Because of the savagery of the attack the authorities at first assumed Horváth had been killed by one or more large guard dogs.


“Looking at the donkeys peacefully chewing grass, one wouldn’t think that just a few hours ago they were behaving like bloodthirsty beasts,” the tabloid said.

The two donkeys investigators say were responsible for the attack have been identified as “Muki” and “Szamóca” (above photo), names that translate as “dude” and “wild strawberry,” and which one person familiar with Hungarian donkey names told us are “common Hungarian donkey names,” explaining “it’s like cows and ‘Daisy’.”

Muki and Szamóca have since been put under the care of the area’s chief veterinarian, Dr. Zoltán Lantos. While police are investigating the owner of the two donkeys on grounds of negligence, Lantos said that Horváth had simply had the bad luck to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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