About US
   We are out to create a new site, that while seeming to deal with the usual subjects will try to approach these with a different and hopefully unique point of view. The topics we will explore will actually be a potpourri of subjects that are an outpouring of continual arguments among us who started this site.
    Our purpose is to create a home for those who wish to express their views without the interference of editorial or political censorship. Reading our site will be interesting, maybe even fun. All of us involved are from a different background. We have overeducated central Europeans. We have homegrown Americans from a central European heritage. Ironically, there are also a serious melange of those in between, even more ironically their views will also be in this mix.
    This could will be a very interesting view of the mix of ideas from two very exciting, volatile, and opinionated parts of the worlds we live in. Enjoy the ride as much we will enjoy presenting, new, open and definitely original bursts of information from the origin of the original multicultural developments and ideas. These, not only from us but all who do feel the same as we do and need an outlet to express; freely; their opinions.
    Oh, yeah, by the way, it's done in two languages... (maybe more later).