Chihuahua Survives 3 Days With BBQ Fork in Brain
Thursday, 16 July 2009

Here's one dog you probably won't find begging grill-side any time soon.



Smokey, a 12-week-old chihuahua puppy, ended up with a large barbecue fork in his brain after the utensil snapped in half on the grill, flew through the air, and impaled the poor puppy's head, reports the Telegraph. The terrified pup then ran off into the woods, where he hid for two days.


When his owner Hughie Wagers finally found him, Smokey was taken straight to the Cumberland Valley Animal Hospital, in London, Kentucky, where Michelle Duncum was on duty. Duncum said, "[W]hen he brought him in we couldn't believe our eyes."

X-rays showed that the fork was actually in the dog's brain, so the vet, Dr. Keaton Smith, only gave Smokey a 50/50 chance of surviving its removal. The operation itself only took about 30 seconds -- they just shaved Smokey's head and pulled the fork out. Thankfully the pint-sized pup is recovering wonderfully.

"His nerve endings around the eye still seem to be a little slow but I think that will heal over time," said Smith. "He really is a little miracle."

Warning: Graphic photo after the jump.