Pretty soon, Viktor Orbán will be sending you a friend request...
Saturday, 30 January 2010
Fidesz chairman Viktor Orbán recently opened a Facebook page as part of his campaign, revealed.

While the conservative politician has started to establish his presence on the Internet (as opposed to his more tech-savvy foil Ferenc Gyurcsány, who blogged about his own lies speech), Orbán still writes his speeches by hand and does not like touch screen mobile phones, the portal adds.


As of Friday morning, Orbán had over 4,300 fans on the social networking site and a growing number of comments on his page. A member of his staff told that he reads comments on his laptop while traveling and answers them himself. The Fidesz chairman has gained a reputation for being something of a technophobe, and the portal noted that he did not have a mobile phone until 2007.


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