2010 Census Alert / Népszámlálás
Monday, 15 March 2010

Are you proud to be Hungarian? Show it on the 2010 census form!

Please complete the census form to ensure that your Hungarian ethnicity, background and cultural heritage are appropriately reflected in your response and counted.  This is the only means for determining how many Americans have a Hungarian background. 

  Please share this information with your friends and make sure that your clubs, organizations, and churches where Hungarian Americans congregate have copies of this notice.

Why fill in that you are Hungarian? Because being counted is what the Census is all about! Knowing there is a significant group who identify themselves as Hungarian lets our representatives in Congress know they should keep our interests in mind when they vote on policy and deal with matters of foreign relations that are of special interest to us around the world.

Where do I fill in that I am Hungarian?
Question 9 is where you have the option of listing your race, in other words your nationality or ethnic identity, by filling it in. For example, if you fill in “Hungarian” it will be recorded as part of the results.


  • CHECK"WHITE" and then "SOME OTHER RACE" and finally, type "HUNGARIAN"

More info: http://www.americanhungarianfederation.org/news_2010Census.htm

Last Updated ( Monday, 15 March 2010 )