Rude Shock for Biggest Name in Túró Rudi
Wednesday, 17 November 2010
The most famous variety of Hungary's most beloved sweet snack - the túró rudi - may not be the best.

According to a "nutritional test" of 13 plain (natúr) and six flavored varieties of túró rudi recently conducted by consumer blog Tudatos Vásárló, the ubiquitous Pöttyös ("spotted") bars manufactured by international dairy giant Friesland in Mátészalka came in second to István Cserpes's Cserpes "Trudi." Meanwhile, Sole's Update 1 and Tejnasi finished at the bottom of the ranking for not containing any túró.  



The detailed investigation (six web pages!) also revealed some more broadly worrying facts, namely that none of the plain varieties of túró rudi meet the level of nutritional value expected from them, and that none is covered with real chocolate, but with cocoa-flavored coating. Not that anyone should necessarily care, given how good even the bad ones usually taste.