Hungary Withdraws from 2012 Olympics
Friday, 16 September 2011
It's true, at least literally: The uniforms worn by Hungarian athletes at the 2012 Olympics will not display the word "Hungary" but the Hungarian equivalent Magyarország, István Kovács, a board member of the Hungarian Olympic Committee recently informed the press.

The move follows the government's decision earlier this year to drop the "republic" in the country's official name, and otherwise to make it clear that henceforth, Hungary is going to be a lot more Hungarian, or in this case, magyar. (Note that, when used as an adjective, the Hungarian word for "Hungarian" is NOT capitalized.)



Kovács, whose name in English nicely translates as "Steve Smith," apparently did not address the question of whether the change would cause brand confusion in London ("And a surprisingly strong showing today from the Merovingians!"), and, concerning his expectations about Hungary's chances for success, would only say "there will be no gold rain," which we assume was a metaphor for lots of gold medals, and not the "golden showers" that figured so highly in the former Hungary's most spectacular recent Olympic humiliation. Go team!