Zookeeper Snaps Back Over Alleged Balaton Crocodile Attack
Thursday, 06 October 2011
A bizarre war of words has broken out over an alleged crocodile attack at Lake Balaton.

According to various mainstream Magyar media, police have launched an investigation into an incident involving a two-meter-long, 150 kilogram Australian crocodile that was recently brought to the KROKODIL ZOO in Balatonszárszó, and two employees of the zoo. As the police tell it, the two men were injured when the muzzle covering the snout of the beast snapped and it decided to go to town on them. Allegedly the victims ended up in a hospital in Siófok with "heavily bleeding" bite wounds. A doctor there by the name of Ahmed Safar (we told you it was a bizarre story) said that, after receiving stitches, the two discharged themselves and would likely make a full recovery from their wounds after a week.


But here's where it gets really weird.

Apparently there was a camera crew from public service broadcaster MTV present when the animals attacked, but the zoo forbade them from airing the resulting footage, and then declined to be quoted on the mater. Meanwhile, according to an update put up just an hour or so ago on portal origo.hu, the zoo's owner - one Tibor Pécsi (pictured above in 2007) - denied that anyone had been bitten at all. Instead, Pécsi claimed that the crocodile's skin "may" have injured the hand of one of the workers, adding that, if his employee had actually been bitten by the monster he "wouldn't have a hand any more." Wow, and we thought we had a mean boss.