Court Rules Drunk-Driving, Publicly-Urinating, Street-Brawling Retired Police General Can Still Wear
Saturday, 04 August 2012
A Budapest Court last week voided a ministerial decision which in March 2010 barred a retired police general from wearing his uniform and decorations for behavior seen as bringing disrepute on the nation’s law enforcement officers. Especially when you read about all of it in one place!

The decision to strip Ernő Kiss (below, testifying) of his fancy getup (inset) was taken after a somewhat mysterious incident in February of that year, in which he was discovered on a Distict XII street late one evening, bleeding from a wound on his head. Kiss claimed he had been threatened and beaten up by some unknown assailants. According to news reports, he was drunk.


 Which wouldn’t be unusual, because that same hear he was also caught drunk-driving twice in less than an hour. And then, shortly after his license was pulled for this, he was caught driving, though apparently not drunk.

Kiss apparently first made a spectacle of himself way back in 1998, when he was caught urinating on the side of the National Police Headquarters building. After excusing himself by saying he had taken a diuretic for heath reasons he was duly excused from his duties temporarily for “health reasons.”

Then, in 2007, when Kiss was back on duty, this time as the District XIII police chief, he got into bigger trouble by driving – drunkenly, natch – into a parked car, and then leaving the scene before the police arrived. He later told his superior his car had been stolen, and at one point during the investigation he claimed that the accident was caused by an unknown man that looked just like him.

Minus, one assumes, that fancy uniform. Give that man a medal!